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Chris Mackay – Lead Vocals, Percussion and Washboard
Tim Stawarz– Guitar and Vocals
Ben Perry – Bass and vocals
Tim Zeppieri- Drums
Sue MacKay – Accordion and vocals

The ToneShifters, formerly Chris MacKay and The ToneShifters were formed in the fall of 2009.

Chris started his career playing percussion with the iconic New London CT new wave act Newjohnny 5 in the heyday of the blossoming New London, CT music scene. He went on to front a series of bands playing original music as a vocalist/percussionist covering everything from hard rock, blues, funk, rockabilly and alt rock gaining a wealth of experience in many different genres.

In 2009 Chris was looking to form a blues /roots band where he could combine different genres into a cohesive mix of originals and obscure covers. Working with musicians from many different musical backgrounds it soon took on a life of its own when the diversity and individual tastes of the band members began to mesh into a tasty stew of danceable roots music which the band now refers to as "Swinginrockabluesabilly"

In early 2012 the single “Lena” was released on the Good Sponge labels Vol. 1 compilation and in April of 2012 their first c.d. “Picture On The ‘Fridge” was released in a limited run featuring Nashville’s “Super Picker” Johnny Hiland playing guitar on the title track.
After some personnel changes the band took a short break to regroup, learn some new material and in early 2013 came out with a vengeance releasing the single “Go Speed”, a tribute to Brazilian race driver Ayrton Senna and the highly acclaimed documentary “Senna” on the Good Sponge labels Vol. 2 compilation. The song was picked as one of the top 5 tracks on the compilation.
Also in 2013 the band was nominated for a New England Music Award for the state of CT and a regional Whalie Award for best Blues/Country/Rock act as well as a “Critics Choice” award.
In 2014 the band released the full length “All Washed Up” with the current line up to some very good reviews and in 2015 released the single "Blue Collar Happy Hour" on Good Sponge Vol. 3 compilation.

The bands latest release Sun Set - Live! Raw! Vintage! is a 4 song Live EP recorded at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, TN in Feb. of 2020.

Late in 2021 Aldora Britain Records in the UK chose two tracks “Coming Back To You” and “Go Speed” to add to a digital compilation album of undiscovered independent artists from all over the globe called “Pretty Words On The 24th.” 

Both tracks garnered back to back “Pick of the Week” honors followed by “Coming Back To You” cracking the “Top 20” on the Aldora Britain Records Independent Charts to start 2022 off with a bang! The band hopes to continue the momentum throughout the year.


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